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About Cory Trout

In mid-2011, at the age of 23, Cory Trout asked Jesus Christ to save him. In late 2017 the Lord called him into the ministry. He got ordained in March 2021.


Evangelist Cory Trout’s scriptural purpose in life includes leading people to salvation, upholding the Word of God and the accuracy of it, preaching and teaching the Scriptures (all the counsel of God), edifying the Lord’s redeemed, etc. Ministering to others, doing in-depth studies, and helping as a pulpit filler are some of the ways God is using Cory.


One of Cory’s passions is studying the individual words in God’s Book, which includes looking up the definitions of the LORD’S words. Writing articles, books, poetry, music, and studying history are other things he enjoys doing.

Cory is the author of two books. The first, A Book of God’s Names. The second, Holy Ghost: The Forgotten Name. Both are available on Amazon. Click here for more information: Bookstore.


Cory is a contributor to the Baptist Bread, a daily devotional booklet meant to help people with their personal Scripture study time.


To read testimonials about Cory, click here: Testimonials.


Want to invite Evangelist Cory Trout to your church, revival, meeting, gathering, etc.? Have questions? For all comments and inquiries, please send an email from the Contact page.


Cory’s ministry is connected to his sending church, Hilltop Baptist Church in Hunker, PA 15639.

Evangelist = “bringer of glad tidings”


~ A Table Alphabeticall (1604 dictionary) ~

Evangelist Cory Trout preaching
Evangelist Cory Trout presenting his ministry

“Oh! would that I might be a servant unto thee, thou God by all adored”


~ Portion of the poem “Servant of God” (11th/12th century) ~

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