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As his Pastor, I have witnessed Brother Cory Trout’s growth. I have watched and heard him accept the things written in the Book of God. Being that an evangelist is one of the gifts (Ephesians 4:8–12) Lord Jesus has given for his use, and having watched Evangelist Cory Trout teach and preach here at Hilltop Baptist Church, it is evident that God has called him into his service.


~ Pastor Timothy S. L. of Hilltop Baptist Church in Hunker, PA ~

I have known Cory Trout for over 10 years and have seen the growth in his life as I would come to preach at his home church. Cory is a student of God’s Word and is zealous to see the LORD accomplish HIS plan through his life. I believe your church would be edified by having him in.


~ Evangelist Dan Martin of Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS ~

Evangelist Trout has been a great blessing to the people of our church. I believe he loves his Savior and the Bible. He spends time studying and I believe he has always fed our church each time he has been with us.


~ Pastor Johnny Edman of Old Paths Baptist Church in Spring Grove, PA ~

I have used Evangelist Cory Trout several times to fill the pulpit in my absence. He has been ready and willing whenever I need him and stays in communication with me. Brother Trout is warm with the people in the congregation and always shows much appreciation for the love offerings he receives from our church. We recently added him to our monthly missionary support.


~ Pastor Bob Bruster of First Baptist Church in Wardensville, WV ~

 I would like to encourage you to consider having bother Cory Trout speak to your congregation. Cory has the heart to see folks come to Christ as well as the ability to present God’s Word with well studied and prayerful insight. His book on the names of God will be a blessing as you consider our Creator’s greatness. Prayerfully consider standing with this brother evangelist/Bible teacher.


~ Pastor Ray Purdy of Living Word Baptist Church in Sweet Valley, PA ~

My name is Jim Martin, from Mountain Baptist Church in Somerset, PA. I would like to encourage you to consider having Cory Trout in for a meeting. I have known Bro. Cory for a number of years now and have had the privilege of watching him grow in the Lord and witness God’s calling on his life. His insight into Scripture is very enlightening. I recommend him to your church. Thank you.


~ Evangelist Jim Martin of Mountain Baptist Church in Somerset, PA ~

I have known Cory since we were kids. It has been amazing watching the Lord use him. He is such an encouragement to me. He is fascinated by God’s Word and enjoys learning more and more about it. I am so thankful he also enjoys teaching others what he has learned.

~ Sara Maccarelli ~

I’ve known Cory Trout since I began attending his home church in 2016. We always have very great conversations centered around the book of the LORD. As Cory has taught and preached on a number of occasions here “at home” … I have observed his passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and his written word. I would highly recommend Cory as a guest teacher or preacher.


~ David Guyon ~

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